Sunday, February 27, 2005

sticky situations

Fun and games in the kitchen. Everything is going well or so it seems. I finally removed the end cupboard and was amazed by how much space I now have to play with. As soon as it went the wall was painted. But my next challange would be to paint a new bookcase which would be going into the corner. Just by feeling the material they used to make the case I knew I would be encountering some serious problems. First coat, yeah might be pushing it. Second coat, geee it's being stubborn. Third coat, yay it's finally working properly and looks like what I wanted it to be.

Well after letting it dry for a little while and trying to clean the house up before a friend came over on the weekend, I decided to store things in it and see how everything would work. Well the normal sound I would hear would be when you take something off a sticky surface. With a few items this wasn't too bad until I reached the cardboard box of a microwave popcorn packet. Up comes the paint, groan. Well I have to way up my options and probably have to redo the bookshelf, this time if I can find an undercoat that sticks to it, or I'll be using laminate or both.

My trials and tribulations of the kitchen

Thursday, February 03, 2005

man the lifeboats

This would be the perfect time to go fishing. Just put the boat on the street and just watch it float away. That's the conditions that Melbourne is currently facing right at this very moment. With a very deep low that is centred over most of Melbourne and Victoria bringing flash flooding and gale force winds it's enough to have Cyclonic conditions up in the northern and north western part of the country, but this particular low is due to continue it's current course till Friday.

With temperatures reaching nearly 37 degrees on Tuesday before lunchtime and into the early afternoon, summer turned to winter in just a matter of moments. From seeing the sight of people wearing shorts to a look of winter where people like myself were wearing overcoats was just the tip of the iceberg on the conditions that Melbourne was yet to face the next coming days.

Thursday will be the biggest test so far for Melbourne. Conditions on the road will be extremely dangerous with water over many roads and many people who are not experienced in driving in such hazardous conditions. Conditions like this are perfect for the water catchment areas which are receiving a far amount of water. As the weekend approaches, Melbourne will be mopping up the mess that has been caused by the big wet. It would be most unwise at this stage to abandon ship.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

a mental blank out

I really haven't been paying much attention to my sites like I normally have in the past, but then I just have moments where I would just have a mental blank out as soon as I started do something creative or just have a plain bitch online. Even more so these days, I just switch the computer on and walk away or if I'm at the computer I end up going to the weather, news and transport sites, go through the emails and just bugger off so leaving no insentive for myself to actually do some work on the sites and anything else that I am supposed to be doing with the computer.

Well last week I did try to have a crack in trying to take some storm shots. Whilst I managed to have a good view of the storm, I ended up leaving behind a vital piece of equipment that I needed for the camera and tripod, which was the piece that actually attaches the camera to the tripod. So even when I attempted to take a shot, It wouldn't work out due to myself just wearing a jacket and shorts freezing my nuts off trying to hold a camera and the end result doesn't work out too well. Driving home was even worse as I noticed quite a few lightning spikes which is what I want to try and catch, but wasn't able to. Well this time i'll be prepared for it since I have put the tripod back together again.

Well my normal 5 days off are about to full on top of me again, so I'll have some interesting development to occur during this time. Drinking, socialising and lots of getting to know you developments. Things are now taking a very different turn.