Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Troubling Plague of a Problem

After reading about several reports over the past year and even more recently about the current problems of Locusts infiltrating Victorian regional areas, I finally had a personal experience that may be closer to Melbourne than what others may expect.  Due to the recent warm weather in Victoria this week, I noticed today that the plague is finally moving closer.  I cleaned my windscreen before I left Metropolitan Melbourne and before I reached Ballarat, I already noticed a couple of "bugs" on my windscreen.  It wasn't until I was on the final stretch to Glenorchy that I noticed the Locusts and how they impacted on the windscreen.  I do fear that with the weather that has affected the state over the past week that what we were eventually expecting is really now finally here and that everything really must be done to protect our agricultural interests. 

Even though I noticed quite a few Locusts south of Glenorchy, there were the occasional bugs flying through the town when I went for a walk today.  Times are changing, and this is a problem we need to tackle now before there are major ramifications with the agricultural industry.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stawell Easter 2010

I've finally uploaded a selection of photos taken in Stawell during the Easter Festival and Gift.  It was just an amazing weekend to just enjoy the atmosphere that made the town literally come alive.  It was the biggest turnout at the Main Street Festival and they also had record crowds during the Gift, that ran all weekend with the finals on the Monday and the Stawell Cup.  I hope to upload some photos taken at the Stawell Cup soon. 

To see the photos just click here >>>