Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Year Already

It's unbelievable to think that a year ago today, I received that phone call and off I traveled with my Mum to pick up the keys to my new country abode in Glenorchy. After a couple of false starts in looking for a place that I wanted to escape to from the drudgery of suburban life, this wonderful looking house with massive shed has been the perfect addition to my life.

Straight away I went into the doing stage of adding some of my own personal touches to the house before my first guest would arrive on the next weekend. The most fortunate thing was that most of the furniture was left with the house, and that has made things so much easier. From the first coat of paint in the lounge room, that has slowly filtered throughout the rest of the house over the past year. The most major development was the kitchen. I knew from the photos and when I first saw the house, this would be the room to leave my mark.

The kitchen, well..... needed some life. Only two walls had a coat of yellow paint on the walls, whilst the remaining two walls were still bare Masonite, with the fridge in the corner and two lovely country styled kitchen cupboards at either end of the room with a laundry trough as the sink and a round table being the only place for you to actually prepare foods (yes this was an interesting and difficult task whilst it served that purpose.) Within the first couple of weeks, the new kitchen benches were ordered and were gradually put into their place, whilst a new colour was slowly taking over the kitchen (that gorgeous chilli red). As the months progressed, the cupboards were placed into position and the paint flowed on the remaining walls and a lovely new dining table also graces the room. There is still more work to do, but the main work has been completed.

The lounge room has had new life brought to it with a lovely lounge setting and coffee table and TV table. Finally this week, two walls that needed undercoat were finally painted and as of a day ago the first new colour was painted on the walls. I was hoping to have the 2nd coat on by today, but with the fun and games I had with the ride-on mower yesterday, took a little bit out of me. But I'm still happy. As for the township of Glenorchy itself. I have never felt so comfortable. The first few months were really hard, not really know any people in the town, so I didn't have anyone to connect with apart from just talking to family and friends over the phone. The moment came when I met a lovely, wonderful and fantastic couple the night after the renaming ceremony of the Giant Koala at Dadswells Bridge that things would really work out being here. From that night, I have met so many great people who live here, and even more that some of them actually know many of my friends in Melbourne that I really love being here.

Everytime that I'm here, I'm completely at peace. Mind you if I had a rich husband, or just a lot more money to play with then I'd be able to achieve a lot of the projects around the house in a more efficient manner, but then as they say, "Rome wasn't built in a day!".

I really look forward to many more great years ahead of myself here and I know it's just the tip of the iceberg on what I really can achieve.

Happy 1st Anniversary.