Thursday, December 16, 2010

New SJ Website Update: 3

I've been doing a lot more work to the site over the past few days, just trying to fine-tune the design and work out any bugs before I start adding any interactive menus or picture slides (I'm still working out the programming for that).  I have now added a Facebook, Twitter feature to every post, in which you can even link a post to your own sites.  At the moment, you're only able to access individual posts via the side menu.  But this might change in the next few days as I slowly clean up and bugs in the system.  I've had some more fun personalising the menus on the right and hope to slowly reintegrate the other pages back into the site once I finish working on the new menu that will be compatible with  You will be able to access my Glimmera (Glenorchy) page from the main menu bar.

But till then, I hope to start adding a few photos that have been missing lately and a couple of videos using Silverlight.

Stay tuned, and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Will xo

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New SJ Website Update: 2

Work is continuing with the new site. I've started implementing what the new design will look like and gradually I will be adding pages back to the site. Unfortunately my goal of moving the website to a new home has been delayed slightly, so I just have to work with resources I currently have.