Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back to Business

It's time for me to get back into business and paying more attention to working on my website and not playing around too much on Facebook (I hear laughter). I did try to walk away, but then who was I kidding considering facebook is a handy site to advertise my own website. But I really need to show my serious and creative side by paying more attention to Semaphore Junction.

I'm back to working on updating the site and have decided to go back to using Frontpage since the code of Expression is to put it bluntly, Scheisshaus. Lets just keep things nice and simple. But I am still going to be updating pages. If i'm able to add new features to the site, then I'll just do my best.

Tomorrow, I'll be heading back to Glenorchy to check on how the town is going after the floods and to help out and see if how much the grass has grown on my own property. Some of the photos from the floods are available for viewing on the Northern Grampians Shire website.


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